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The notion of uncompassionate in-laws was a part of their folklore.
It hurt me tremendously that Greg was so uncompassionate.
Physician satisfaction may be impacted by the intimate exposure we have to a world where an ICU can render either miraculous cures, or expensive, uncompassionate and futile care.
Indeed, the most important quality that a prince must possess is that of religious faith--or, rather, the appearance of religious faith--for the appearance of piety is extremely useful for generating patriotism and nationalist fervor among the common people, even though the practice of religious morality or compassion could be a real liability for the prince, who must often act in quite irreligious and uncompassionate ways:
An obsessive and controlling husband drove his wife to seek divorce; a rigid, uncompassionate law demanded that she first prove his fault; and so she contrived a trap into which his own demons drove him.
And distinguished commentators like Ian Wooldridge have attacked the LMA's uncompassionate stance.
Housing policy in the new millennium: the uncompassionate landscape.
MERTHYR council should think twice before they go ahead with such an uncompassionate plan on destroying so many people's memories.
When all the Brisbane scandals became public, he was seen as the tough, uncompassionate person--rather than the lawyers who gave him the advice in the first place.
Although this approach may appear uncompassionate, it provides greater monetary benefits for almost all of the unemployed, including low-wage earners, than does the current system.
Speaking about, much less supporting, a right to suicide strikes most people as unimaginably uncompassionate.
As she attempts to maintain buoyancy, Signora Isotta ponders the actions of the individuals that surround her, and instead of considering them as potential friends and supporters in her time of need, she views the men in her vicinity as jeering, uncompassionate and self-centered.