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However, despite initial criticism from reviewers, the viewing public still can't get enough of the antics of uncompassionate patriarch Ben and the rest of the Harper clan.
He is uncaring uncompassionate and despicable, along with his toady mates Osborne and Clegg, who are tarred with the same brush.
The notion of uncompassionate in-laws is a part of their folklore.
Others within his sphere include the vicious Billy Bottle, leader of the Glass and Bottle gang; Slasher Jack, enforcer for the cruel brothel madam Annie Walker; the callous son of his employer; the wealthy, well-connected and uncompassionate landlord of Little Lon and his indulged daughter with whom Lonnie is hopelessly smitten.
Responding to criticisms he's received from medical marijuana activists, Larsen insists: "I'm not being uncompassionate.
Nevertheless, I think it is easier to imagine a person considerably advanced with regard to justice who nevertheless tends to tell small lies than it is to imagine a kind but notably uncompassionate individual.
Accuse you of being uncaring, uncompassionate and unaccommodating.
Sure Americas got talent, but it's also got some of the most unpleasant, uncompassionate, unerringly ruthless people on the face of this planet.
She states that in situating Tediato in his godless, uncompassionate universe I argue "from a rationalist position.
48) Alice Walker is portrayed as a cruel, uncompassionate intellectual who neglects her daughter almost criminally and then verbally abuses her.
Perhaps "administrative reasons" is the phrase to take note of for those of us who failed to comprehend the rules of a seemingly uncompassionate game.
I submit that a creative, happy, sustainable and self-replicating community is not to be had by such sad, mad, bad and uncompassionate partisanship.