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E-mail Reminder now enables users to send e-mails for uncompleted surveys to only specific responders, instead of a "send-to-all respondents" format.
The dedicated budget for the city is 180 million ID; 15 million will be allocated for uncompleted plans of 2007.
Use of forward contracts for pre-selling uncompleted properties is becoming popular in many countries.
It was the first time in the Tyne's 150-year-long shipbuilding history that a vessel had left the river uncompleted.
He wrote Uncompleted Mission: The Christian Faith and Exclusivism (Maryknoll, N.
Two new and as yet uncompleted funds, a $100 million fund for high net worth individuals and a $350 million fund for institutional investors, will provide a combination of mezzanine loans and equity as well as bridge loans.
But shortages of some components mean that cars are leaving the assembly line uncompleted and storage space is at a premium.
The awards are for excellence in architecture in the developing world and are for both finished buildings and uncompleted projects.
The final three essays reflect Snyder's uncompleted role as editor of The Winter's Tale.
He intended to dedicate Aesthetic Theory, left uncompleted when he died in 1969, to Samuel Beckett.
One can hardly overstate the value of having these results of Smith's discussion of the uncompleted project, since insofar as the process of preparation repeated the way he began the projects he did complete, it illustrates the presence, from the beginning, of the dialectic of appropriation and application that undergirds all of the travel books.
Construction of the carrier began in Ukraine during the Soviet era and was left uncompleted following the collapse of the Soviet Union.