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What is the big deal in Osun's 2018 budget when the cost of uncompleted projects in the state is as huge as N500 billion?
Resolute assumed operations on the acquired properties on 1 May 2017, and commenced fracing operations on the first of six drilled but uncompleted wells on 4 May.
However, the AJK government will be moving to the government of Pakistan for provision of due funds for the completion of these uncompleted projects in the quake-hit zone," he said.
Lukoil said in a statement that it considered Sinopec in breach of contract over the uncompleted deal.
I am seeking sound advice from professional expat ranks to explain how it is possible here for a local company to embark on a large private real estate build based on funds derived solely from off-plan buyers' stage payments, yet mid-way through the uncompleted original project it diversifies into other under-funded real estate projects.
95) comes from one of the founders of the 'cyberpunk' movement and provides a collection of nine writings--seven stories, the first part of an uncompleted novel, and a story fragment, set in the imaginary Muslim city of Budayeen.
The safety of horses and riders at the meeting was not jeopardised by the uncompleted work, but it amounted to a breach of the rules of racing, which the track's management yesterday admitted at a BHA inquiry.
E-mail Reminder now enables users to send e-mails for uncompleted surveys to only specific responders, instead of a "send-to-all respondents" format.
The dedicated budget for the city is 180 million ID; 15 million will be allocated for uncompleted plans of 2007.
Use of forward contracts for pre-selling uncompleted properties is becoming popular in many countries.
He wrote Uncompleted Mission: The Christian Faith and Exclusivism (Maryknoll, N.
Two new and as yet uncompleted funds, a $100 million fund for high net worth individuals and a $350 million fund for institutional investors, will provide a combination of mezzanine loans and equity as well as bridge loans.