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Its ability to integrate and virtualize the storage and processing capabilities of the required number of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) servers means that it can provide significant performance benefits whilst remaining cost efficient, secure and uncomplex.
In spite of its high accuracy the design of the systems is uncomplex and rugged.
Emily: John, I feel he had a great way of saying things in an uncomplex way that anyone could understand, which I think meant he had a great understanding of what he was saying Becky: I like Paul.
Now, the determination of those rules was a determination in very simple and uncomplex, uncomplicated living.
He could now see his life opening before him, uncomplex and inescapable as a barren corridor, completely freed now of ever again having to think or decide, the burden which he now assumed and carried as bright and weightless and martial as his insignatory brass: a sublime and implicit faith in physical courage and blind obedience, and a belief that the white race is superior to any and all other races and that the American is superior to all other white races and that the American uniform is superior to all men, and that all that would ever be required of him in payment for this belief, this privilege, would be his own life.
There must be mystery in both, for we do not unravel the uncomplex [.
If we are to believe, as some contributors to The Register-Guard's letters section maintain, that the universe is too complex to have assumed its present form solely by chance, then it follows that any hypothetical creative entity, being by definition "uncreated," must therefore be uncomplex.
I wouldn't say that the Americas is more criminal-oriented, with a higher percentage of this than other areas, but it's one that's been studied a lot and understood in some ways a little bit better and it's relatively uncomplex.
It did not seem logical to his uncomplex brain that if Christopher Craig, his accomplice, fired the murder shot and was not to be hanged, that he should be executed.
1991) (warning of the danger of "simple-minded search[es] for historical precedent, which becomes increasingly present-minded about the issues of the past and thereby presents an unsubtle, uncomplex, and partial picture of the past that will no longer convince any serious student of the past').
The first is that, as has been noticed often, structural narratologists tend to choose relatively uncomplex stories to analyze: the fairy tale; the detective story; or in the case of Greimas, relatively simple short tales.
Such zones screen the formation of new pores in the vicinity of their banks, so uncomplex debonding takes place in spite of low level of interfacial interaction.