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DG was effective for maintaining remission of symptomatic, uncomplicated diverticular disease, and that the combination of the probiotic and mesalazine was more effective than the probiotic by itself.
Scope - A snapshot of the global Market therapeutics scenario for Uncomplicated Cervical And Urethral Gonorrhea.
Table 1 shows that 65% cases were complicated (severe) and 35% were uncomplicated malaria.
Patients who have uncomplicated SUI, on the other hand, will answer negatively to questions about symptoms of predominant urgency, functional impairment, continuous leakage, and/or incomplete emptying.
AZD0914 is a novel oral antibiotic entering Phase II clinical trials to investigate efficacy in treating uncomplicated gonorrhoea and is the first of a novel class of molecules to be developed for this indication.
The primary outcome was uncomplicated pregnancy defined as a "normotensive pregnancy, delivered at more than 37 weeks resulting in a live born baby who was not small for gestational age and did not have any other significant pregnancy complications.
One Direction Kiss You THE group start the year with another slice of straight-ahead, uncomplicated boy-band pop music of the ilk that has won them an army of fans worldwide.
I love Vivienne Westwood and the way she hits the female form, though there is nothing uncomplicated, simple and relaxed JKyle about her clothes.
They chose randomised controlled trials of adult patients presenting with uncomplicated acute appendicitis, diagnosed by haematological and radiological investigations.
Uncomplicated urinary tract infections (UTIs) are usually diagnosed in previously healthy women with no underlying disease or anatomical anomalies, whereas complicated UTIs refer to patients with co-morbidities, anatomical anomalies, and catheter-associated or nosocomially acquired infections.
Prior research by the author showed that psychosocial factors distinguished complicated from uncomplicated birth outcome.