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Undoubtedly the project is now attracting uncomplimentary international media attention and casts yet another shadow over the sagacity
The e-mail followed an uncomplimentary profile on Tribune management in the previous Wednesday's New York Times that called the company's atmosphere a sexist "frat house.
The hastily scheduled event followed weeks of increasingly uncomplimentary commentary and coverage about the possibility of the iPhone 4 wireless signal when held with a palm or a finger over a gap between its two external antennas.
ISLAMABAD, November 21, 2009 (Balochistan Times): Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Chairman, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan Saturday warned National Logistic Cell (NLC) of an uncomplimentary action in case it failed to submit enquiry report regarding massive financial irregularities.
A lot of uncomplimentary things have been written about me back home in the past few months and I hope I've proved a point with this result.
Why does Rashi quote this seemingly uncomplimentary midrash classifying Dinah and Leah both as yatz'aniyot?
Achuthanandan, in the midst of national controversy for his uncomplimentary remark about the family of a Keralite commando officer, who was killed during the operation against the Mumbai terrorists, has got himself entangled in another thorny topic.
But, at exactly the right moment, amicrophone malfunction at the press conference made it sound as if Tosh had blown a rather uncomplimentary raspberry at the mere mention of Sav.
The employer, Bovis Lend Lease, had been obstructing the union's access to worksites and complained to the Commission that uncomplimentary things were said about company managers at the meeting.
There are uncomplimentary things about dermatology of course.
Pictures on the can labels depict the beans posing in police line-ups, with an uncomplimentary profile.
Cork skipper Joe Gamble angered some Linfield players after the final whistle with some uncomplimentary remarks that O'Kane says will fire up the Blues for the final.