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Chatsky and Molchalin, men whose attitudes to life leave little room for common ground, uncomprehendingly speak past one another in a similar, and even more comical, fashion.
Like parishioners listening uncomprehendingly to Latin Mass, Zizek explains, the subjects of ideology can accept their lack of full understanding because they have an intimate relation with 'the Other who is supposed to know.
But their curiosity will entice them to kill and maim fantastic numbers of creatures with no defense against such human-introduced animals, and it will urge them to wander uncomprehendingly into fights with animals far tougher than they are and to walk into streets - into streets with cars.
Not only did the veterans of the Bolshevik underground look on political novices from West European parties with contempt; Western Communists often shook their heads uncomprehendingly at the behavior of Soviet apparatchiki.
Rosenberg's portraits, though competent, were not as exciting as his handful of poems written in the trenches and sent home to the uncomprehendingly conventional Marsh.
Instead, when Hermes tells Eurydice that Orpheus has looked back, Eurydice looks at him uncomprehendingly and questions, "Who.
It was like a more right-on version of the Scouting movement, involving noncompetitive games, casual clothes and music corner, where we all merrily and uncomprehendingly sang along to Little Boxes, by Malvina Reynolds, which - according to Wikipedia - "lampoons the development of suburbia and what many consider its bourgeois conformist values".
The Achilles who emerges at the close of the poem is an individual suited to be a leading citizen in the sort of social order that he has until then uncomprehendingly carried with him on his shield.
There is the genial and admiring narrator who somewhat uncomprehendingly follows the action; the detective whose intelligence, recondite interests, and specialized knowledge make him superior to the local constabulary; the body discovered in a locked or "hermetically sealed" room; the trail of circumstantial evidence or false clues (red herrings) that point to the wrong man; the unlikely person who turns out to be the murderer; the seemingly trivial or irrelevant detail that holds the key to the mystery; and the unexpected stratagem the detective employs to solve the case.
One of the routes actually followed induced the inflation in partner countries of which German officials now complain, uncomprehendingly or hypocritically.
He blinked uncomprehendingly, apparently unfamiliar with the stuff, and seemed displeased when I exclaimed, "Don't tell me you've never heard of suet