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And on election night, I blinked uncomprehendingly as the pundits swept aside my last-minute conviction that Kerry would win and treated the state-by-state permutations as some sort of intrinsically delightful mathematical game.
His rhetorical tactic in the essay "Forgetting Foucault" is to defend Foucault not so much against his critics as against those who would invoke his work uncomprehendingly.
He pulled out the letter and stared at it for a moment, seemingly uncomprehendingly.
It's the same for any other girl," he says uncomprehendingly.
When the waiter handed her the menu, Lena stared at it uncomprehendingly.
The farmers looked uncomprehendingly at him until his son, who was at his side, nudged him and reminded him that he was speaking in Chinese
Though Piovani's lack of English skills limited his on-stage ``thank you'' to about those two words, backstage, Italian-speaking journalists peppered him with more questions than just about anyone in the first half of the evening, while all the non-Italian-speaking journalists looked on uncomprehendingly, or focused on the on-screen telecast being piped into their ears with the same infrared listening devices used for the hard of hearing at the Philharmonic or Los Angeles Opera.
There was a vivid human and physical contrast between the eupeptic tweed-clad grandees of the President's shooting party, and the gaunt, lanky, forelock-touching Sindhi peasantry (most of them poor sharecroppers) who thronged the narrow streets of Naudero, submissively and uncomprehendingly, to watch us all arrive.
He can therefore tell the story of Mascarita's dedication but must stand uncomprehendingly outside of it, made nervous by it, coming up in goosebumps over a profound path not to be taken by himself as a successful Westernized ecrivain.
I tightened my hold on my father's neck and stared uncomprehendingly at the heavens.
Or is Sweeny a madman merely, his mind destroyed by suffering, who is able only to listen uncomprehendingly as the hounds bay the sorrows of the world?