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Faisal accepted the gift with unconcealed joy on his face, and then the invisible wires lifted him up and placed him safely back onto the field with the glowing orb in his hands.
OWAIN Fon Williams'W unconcealed admiration for the way Swansea City have built success from the ground up won't prevent 'the Welsh goalkeeper doing his W utmost to spring an FAF Cup A Cup embarrassment on them tomorrow.
In comparison, a spirit of place attends modern British art as a constant and unconcealed presence.
Without the synergy of projected and generated obscuration, a breaching force in open terrain is unconcealed and under unnecessary risk.
The UAE National Day gives Emiratis a forum to say 'thank you' with an unconcealed gratitude.
According to the ISJ report, the unconcealed section of Tehran's nuclear program has systematically supported the military section.
Denver's ordinance defines openly as "occurring or existing in a manner that is unconcealed, undisguised, or obvious.
Dubai: Ukraine's pro-Western president is accusing Moscow of waging "direct and unconcealed aggression" amid signs that his country's army has lost ground to Russian-backed separatist forces in the industrial eastern regions.
Direct, unconcealed aggression has been launched against Ukraine from a neighboring country,'' he said, according to the presidential website.
This shifts the viewers' perspectives, bringing into the unconcealed what previously was taken for granted and which negates convention, such as ceramics' otherness.
At work, you find the boss waiting for you, his eyes brimming over with unconcealed fury.