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Another has the toothache: the carpenter out pincers, and clapping one hand upon his bench bids him be seated there; but the poor fellow unmanageably winces under the unconcluded operation; whirling round the handle of his wooden vice, the carpenter signs him to clap his jaw in that, if he would have him draw the tooth.
Rejecting the Congress allegations of irregularities in the Rafale fighter jet deal, Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman yesterday said the government had to go for emergency procurement, adding it was cheaper than under an earlier unconcluded deal.
The phrase of another great man; perhaps the most representative personality of the Cuban public health in that period, with Finlay himself, Juan Guiteras Gener (Matanzas, Cuba 1852-1925), tenacious Finlay'st and one of the greatest defenders of the sage and his theory; mediator in the dispute arising from the recognition of the discovery between Finlay and members of the US Army Fourth Commission for the Study of the Yellow Fever, is unconcluded to this author: ".
Pynchon's refusal to have the novel mean, then, his choice to end the novel unconcluded, even his allegiance to the "high magic of low puns," can all be seen, paradoxically, as strategies for communicating the non-sense of violence (quoted in Bachner 71).
Oftentimes, a completed agreement can act as a fait accompli and may have a much greater motivating effect on Congress than if the agreement had simply been offered as an unconcluded proposal.
Recent, unconcluded, treaty discussions have invoked an obligation on the part of the Government of Canada to protect the First Nation at the treaty table from assimilative influences and have defined any aspect of the society's cultural practice as protected heritage in which the First Nation has a proprietary interest.
Constantinescu, revealed in a speech he delivered in Parliament, on 27 December 1923, where he referred to Bratianu's ethics and tactics, that "we kept the treaty unconcluded for six months until we were given Bukovina, with Chernowitz and the whole Banat.
Consequently, the pseudo vitality of historical consciousness is able to pretend a transformative potential that it does not possess, and falsely suggests that existence is enhanced by remaining unconcluded, (83) whereas in reality this is simply the trap of endless productivity.
Woolf herself found satisfaction only in the living, not the dead past, in the vital and unconcluded present, in an open future.
The file kept traveling between a military court and a civilian court for years, and it eventually went missing, with the case still being unconcluded.
Two members of staff - headteacher Jane Vaterlaws and her deputy - are currently suspended from duty and an ongoing investigation into "personnel matters" is still unconcluded.