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Impossible to imagine what he would bring out from there to the light of this world of uncondemned men.
The Voice uncondemned THERE'S no substitute for age and experience, as was discovered in the sponsor's box before the Sean Magee's Full Set Handicap Chase at Sedgefield last Tuesday.
Calling for an immediate and unconditional ceasefire, and working towards the implementation of all UN resolutions addressing this conflict, will restore to the international community - and Britain in particular - the legitimacy it has squandered by allowing months of war crimes to go by, witnessed but uncondemned and unconstrained.
It rang clear and strong about Israel's aggression to the Palestinian land and its people, an aggression that has, unbelievably, proceeded uncontrolled and uncondemned by the so-called civilized-world 'justice' aggregate.
At the time he vigorously defended himself against his critics, whom he branded "petty, narrow-minded and naive" to single out his act when any number of professional fouls go uncondemned in every game.
My own encounter with Exodus has moved me from a focus on trying to change myself from gay to straight to an acceptance of myself as a gay man who is free to pursue God, uncondemned for my sexual orientation.
How is it that actions that harm the individual and/or the community are left uncondemned or are met with silence?