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adjective absolute, categorical, complete, not limited by conditions, purus, simplex, unchecked, unconfined, unqualified, utter, without conditions, without reservations
Associated concepts: unconditional claim, unconditional guaranty, unconditional pardon, unconditional payment, unconditional promise, unconditional refusal
See also: absolute, categorical, complete, comprehensive, outright, peremptory, strict, unlimited, unmitigated, unqualified, unrestricted

HEIR, UNCONDITIONAL. A term used in the civil law, adopted by the Civil Code of Louisiana. Unconditional heirs are those who inherit without any reservation, or without making an inventory, whether their acceptance be express or tacit. Civ. Code of Lo. art. 878.

UNCONDITIONAL. That which is without condition; that which must be performed without regard to what has happened or may happen.

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Results indicated that the PND for the Congruence subscale was 80%, and the PND for the Unconditionality subscale was 70%, suggesting that the MSBC was effective for increasing Lisa's perception of genuineness and regard in the therapeutic relationship.
Now the very least that can be said of unconditionality is that it is independent of every determinate context, even of the determination of a context in general.
For a recent attempt to resolve some of the tension between conditionality and unconditionality, see R.
At the dark centre of it is the recognition that all our categories of evil and wickedness are limited by a conditionality that is rendered genuinely meaningless in the face of the unconditionality of the one completely destructive and cynical individual amongst us, "the entirely lawless modern philosopher"--or (and this is the final paradox, for the two are, in the end, utterly indistinguishable--both destructive and creative) that which is known to reason only as unknown, the non-god of Isaiah and the Tao--the same and yet that can not be so.
What are the relationships between counselor mindfulness and client perceptions of counselor level of regard, empathy, unconditionality, congruence, and the working alliance?
The two dimensions are not independent, since normativity seems to play a key role: peripheral elements that score higher than others on normativity indexes are perceived as being less conditional, and furthermore, the symbolic values of some central elements are based on normativity rather than unconditionality, as evidenced by conditional rejection rates.
Summing up Arendt's disconnection of ethics and politics around the axis of unconditionality, aneconomy and worldlessness, we may establish the affinity with the postmodern celebration of the human desire to escape all order of knowledge and the failure to do so--what I would call the 'impossibility yet necessity' thesis (a phrase drawn from the deconstructive context).
This unconditionality implies a total openness--of house, of being, of culture--to the Other, an ethical relation that is transgressive in its overcoming of conditions either religious as in the Judeo-Christian understanding of hospitality, or political as in Kant's reference to citizenship and the state.
The agency assigned the above ratings as it believes the temporary guarantee, which is effective from 22 December, meets its criteria for irrevocability, unconditionality and timeliness.
My unconditionality with Hollywood, I suppose, has no limits," writes Fuguet.
The unconditionality of the concomitance needs to be established in order to ascertain vyapti.
52) Moreover, the normative unconditionality of the parent-child relationship gives a child a sense that he or she is of great value, which is to say so valuable that the parent will not give up on the relationship.