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We were curious to dig deep and find out what made motorists unconfident behind the wheel," said James Wilkinson, CEO of car finance experts, Zuto, who commissioned the survey.
I felt worthless, unconfident & insecure and angry at myself for allowing this to happen.
Through Philip's uncanny understanding of Bill's incoherent mutterings, an unlikely collaboration begins, linking the unconfident Larry with the experienced but speech-damaged Dr.
However, with over a quarter (28 per cent) claiming to be either unconfident or very unconfident, ministers will have to move quickly to demonstrate they will truly do all they can to back small business.
When you think about what it would be like trying to look for work while feeling isolated, unwell and unconfident, it's easy to see why long-term unemployment often becomes a downward spiral.
Always know where you are and where you're going as the travellers who are targeted are those looking lost and unconfident.
In situations that make us feel especially small and unconfident our sense of vulnerability can increase, making it more likely that we'll overestimate the danger facing us from other people.
The study found that over a third of UK women (from 2,000 respondents) are unconfident to extremely unconfident about their body.
What at the surface might seem as an unconfident or uncompetitive spirit was not so at all, that I am certain of.
But we didn't want them to feel we were unconfident in our brand.