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In unconfined loading, however, the samples failed in shear manner (similar to ordinary concrete), and many polystyrene cells were left in an uncompacted state, which does not utilize the inclusions in a desired manner, the authors note, adding: "In confined setting, substantially more energy was dissipated than in unconfined conditions.
Coleman is American's Unconfined Life Coach, motivational speaker, author, and confidence-builder.
The bedrock geology of the catchment consists predominantly of unconfined Chalk Formation, with limited areas of exposure of the London Clay Formation and Thanet sands.
There was the release of unconfined joy from Andrew Triggs Hodge, Pete Reed, Tom James, Alex Gregory, Kat Copeland and Sophie Hosking .
In the finite element modelling of unconfined columns, with considering the small deformation of this type of columns, solution was selected to be linear in geometry.
The 850 rooms, suites and apartments have been carefully designed in a unique modern style that reflects tasteful elegance, chic and a feel of freshness and unconfined freedom intended to make the guest perfectly at home in a leisurely yet efficient setting.
The DM has observed that in urban areas, the number of unconfined and stray pigs is increasing, resulting in frequent accidents.
Among the aspects of her life that he does discuss are the Scottish connection, joy relatively unconfined, authors at work, the success and aftermath of Mademoiselle Ixe, deepening shadows, and the last effort.
The unconfined compression test (UCS) as special case of the unconsolidated undrained triaxial test (UU) as defined as the load per unit area at which an unconfined prismatic or cylindrical specimen of standard dimensions of a soil fails in a simple compression where the confirming pressure is zero.
Total sanitation concept would be adapted, improved sanitation be provided to all, focus would be on productive infrastructure only ensuring that no one is exposed to the risks of unconfined human excreta and solid waste.
But if parking offences on the highway are in decline, for whatever reason, let's not be grudging in our outpourings of unconfined joy: someone somewhere is getting something right.
Shallow unconfined aquifers are the only source of water for private wells in some rural areas.