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It has been argued that ideology alone is unlikely to render a candidate unconfirmable provided his qualifications scores are high; if a nominee lacks sufficient qualifications, ideology can derail a nomination.
1992) (describing control contest between former management and shareholders that resulted in an unconfirmable plan proposing only a nominal distribution to unsecured creditors); see also H.
As the Lenders will vote to reject the Plan, the Plan is patently unconfirmable.
A second issue that may arise regarding death trap provisions at the disclosure hearing is that courts may refuse to approve a reorganization plan where, on its face, it is unconfirmable.
The Official Equity Committee remains optimistic that its presentation, with the assistance of its financial advisor Allen & Company, to the Bankruptcy Court during the confirmation hearings beginning June 15th, will show that the current Plan of Reorganization must be found to be unconfirmable because, among other reasons, it proposes to give noteholders new notes and new common stock with a value greater than the amount of their claims under their existing notes, and is thus not fair and equitable to existing shareholders.
The problem with this, Smolin explains, is that string theory is not really a theory in the scientific sense of the word; it is unsupported by experiment, unfalsifiable, and unconfirmable.
Bolton unconfirmable in the eyes of the Senate, then talented Americans have no place in our government.
26, 2004), reprinted in Irrecusable and Unconfirmable, 7 Green Bag 2d 277, 280 (2004).
This is more than the cynical observation that the future ain't what it used to be--more like the disquieting intimation that their future is still making some kind of claim on the present, but only in the form of an unconfirmable rumor from the past.
Former Attorney General John Ashcroft probably has the stature but would be unconfirmable.
36) Figuring Mike's road journey as a search for natural origins forever supplanted by signs has the effect of making Dick's version of Mike's birth--he is the offspring of a cardshark Sharon shot dead at a drive-in showing of Rio Bravo-equally plausible since equally unconfirmable.
But in another sense, the short, nasty, and brutal life of this unconfirmable story is emblematic of precisely the types of events that have convulsed the national debate about cloning and, earlier, embryonic stem cells over the past few years.