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Univariate associations between demographic, setting, and clinical variables, and the dependent variable (TB transmission unconfirmed by DNA fingerprinting) were examined by using the Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel test for unequal odds using SAS version 8.
Under banking law, an unconfirmed letter of credit is a foreign receivable, and many domestic U.
There were several unconfirmed industry reports that three HDPE suppliers--believed to be Occidental, Exxon and Solvay--had notified HDPE film customers that they would raise film grades by 1 1/2|cents~/lb Oct.
The UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs said there were unconfirmed reports of an additional 44 deaths in Vanuatu's north-eastern islands.
Unconfirmed news reports said three of the terrorists belong to Uzbekistan while one is Pakhtun who have taken refuge in a under construction house.
Other unconfirmed reports say Apple will reveal a smaller version of the iPad, taking on competitors like Amazon.
BEIRUT: The Lebanese Football Federation has invited four players of Lebanese descent to train with the national team to aid Lebanon in their push for World Cup qualification, according to unconfirmed reports Wednesday.
Reports of Steve Job's (sic) death completely unconfirmed," it read.
The long-standing diplomat Rakovski Lashev may be appointed ambassador to Macedonia, unconfirmed reports say.
THE parents of kidnapped BBC journalist Alan Johnston appealed for an end to their ordeal today amid unconfirmed claims he had been killed.
Yoon said there has been ''an unconfirmed intelligence that North Korea had moved two sets of Taepodong-2 missiles and one of them was fired on Wednesday.
Larson said there was also a dismissal-time fight between two girls at Quartz Hill High School and unconfirmed reports of fights at Eastside, Palmdale and Lancaster high schools.