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shallow marine paralic (at or near sea level) and shelf sands laid down on an unconformable surface of a regressive marine shale (Barnes and others, 1996); and
Another pair of (canonically) conjugated observables which are unconformable in relation with the CIUR ideas is given by energy E and time t.
The Wilcox Group is not present in the study area with the Meridian Sand in unconformable contact with stratigraphic units of the Midway Group.
Unconformable on the Plio-Pleistocene San Zhi Ma Hong Tu paleosol (Stratum H), aeolian Sand I (strata G, G2, and F) is massive, well-sorted and fine-grained.
The upper contact of the Cooper Member is shown by Chatterjee (1986) as unconformable.
FME's 11 exploration permits, totaling 4,874 km2, cover Upper Devonian to Lower Carboniferous sediments/volcanics and their unconformable contact with underlying Palaeoproterozoic metasediments, and granitoids of Proterozoic and Silurian to Early Devonian ages.
The evident unconformable contacts in Timber Brook and in the lower reaches of North River, where windows through the Carboniferous sequence reveal underlying units of diorite, granodiorite, gneiss and mylonite, lie to the east of the main block of thrusted rocks, and appear to be unrelated to the thrust contacts identified here.
Gold mineralization is hosted by a low-angle Tertiary-Age detachment fault located at the unconformable contact between the gravel and basement rocks of Precambrian gneiss.
This hole passed through the unconformable Tertiary cover contact at a much shallower depth than anticipated.
Instead, an unconformable contact between the middle unit of the HBF and the overlying Triassic Wolfville Formation occurs in the Grand Pre area (Moore and Ferguson 1986).
It underlies water in a deep trench adjacent to Stewart Island where a small but very high grade uranium deposit is hosted by Athabasca sandstone near its unconformable contact with underlying basement rocks.