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It formed much of the lower plate for two episodes of detachment (Force and Barr 2006), and as we have seen the Horton Group rests unconformably on it.
In southwestern mainland Estonia and northernmost Latvia, the Silurian sequence ends at different levels in the upper Wenlock, which is unconformably overlain by the Lower Devonian Kemeri Stage.
Allomember 2 unconformably overlies the lower unit and varies in thickness from 2 to 3 m.
Devonian white and red colored sandstone ("Old Red") were deposited unconformably on both Ordovician and Silurian strata.
The MacIinnis Lake uranium properties are located in the Nonacho Basin, a sandstone terrane of Proterozoic age that rests unconformably on Archean basement formations.
The Pandivere Till is light grey (10YR, 7/1-6/1), carbonate- and coarse-clast-rich, matrix supported massive diamicton (Photo 1A,C), mostly of subglacial lodgement till resting unconformably on the carbonaceous bedrock (Fig.
The Gatuna Formation unconformably overlies the Dewey Lake Redbeds.
Of interest is the presence of a strong IP anomaly trend extending northeast of the known south gold zone beneath the Jurassic siltstone unit which unconformably overlies the gold hosting Permian carbonate rocks in the Mine.
Together with locally conformably and unconformably underlying Middle and Late Devonian sedimentary and bimodal volcanic rocks, these rocks form the earliest fill in the Maritimes Basin, mainly confined to grabens in older metamorphic and igneous basement rocks (e.
2 m of the Vadja Fm and the boundary with the unconformably overlying Leivu Fm are exposed in the Narva River outcrop (Fig.
The Fusselman Formation consists of two major lithostratigraphic units, a thin basal, Late Ordovician (Hirnantian) oolite that is overlain unconformably by a thicker Llandoverian (Silurian) complex of carbonates.