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As a consequence, unconformities, relationships between tectonics and sedimentation, and tectonic activity allow us to discriminate the variable closeness of the diverse areas--in this order: Spain, S France, Sardinia-Corsica-Brianconnais, and Calabria-Peloritani - to the Alpine Tethys spreading.
The stratigraphy shows four general groups of rocks: Brookian, Rift, Ellesmerian, and Franklinian, with several large unconformities.
Using GIS Page (1999) also found a moderate GIS correlation between faults and unconformities and higher radon levels in well waters.
What's more, when the researchersdated these unconformities by looking at the fossils in oil-well holes, they concluded that the sea level had fluctuated in periodic cycles throughout the earth's history.
Moreover, the syntectonic unconformities developed in the upper part of the stratigraphic succession record the timing of the anticline growth.
Cuvier (1769-1832) was the leading catastrophist of his age and had noticed in mapping the Paris Basin with his colleague Alexandre Brongniart that many fossil groups appeared to die out at unconformities.
Elsewhere in the belt, high-grade gold deposits show a close spatial relationship with similar ultramafic bodies in close association with major regional unconformities.
At the same time, the unconformities which play a significant role in the regional correlation have also been differentiated (Fig.
The more recent realization that the internal architecture of sedimentary successions and the links between sedimentation, unconformities, time relationships, and base-level changes can lead to novel resource exploration models and interpretations, fuelled an enormous international effort to understand the processes involved and the variety of resultant geometries.
Consequently, a careful recognition of unconformities, and the use of sedimentary indicators of a clearly arid climate can provide powerful tools for correlations.
acceptance of the unconformity-related nature of the Nicholson Bay Au-PGE mineralization raises speculation about the exploration potential of other unconformities as those below the Martin Group" (Summary of Investigations-1988 Project 8832, Saskatchewan Geological Survey, pg.
These episodes (latest Campanian, middle Maastrichtian and latest Maastrichtian) are reflected in the stratigraphic succession by abrupt transition in facies, and are correlated with regional stratigraphic unconformities in the more proximal and shallower sections of the Prebetic domain.