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What's more, when the researchersdated these unconformities by looking at the fossils in oil-well holes, they concluded that the sea level had fluctuated in periodic cycles throughout the earth's history.
Where present, primary and stromatolitic carbonates are separated from underlying diamictite units by unconformities or many tens and sometimes hundreds of metres of marine strata, thereby questioning any supposed immediate 'cap' relationship (e.
The more recent realization that the internal architecture of sedimentary successions and the links between sedimentation, unconformities, time relationships, and base-level changes can lead to novel resource exploration models and interpretations, fuelled an enormous international effort to understand the processes involved and the variety of resultant geometries.
acceptance of the unconformity-related nature of the Nicholson Bay Au-PGE mineralization raises speculation about the exploration potential of other unconformities as those below the Martin Group" (Summary of Investigations-1988 Project 8832, Saskatchewan Geological Survey, pg.
The use of a computer for correlation exercises will give participants the ability to "hyper-correlate" to detect subtle unconformities and to quickly experiment with different datum choices as their interpretation progresses.