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Though it suffers from the familiar unconnectedness of multiple-authored volumes, where contributors pursuing different research interests are artificially brought together according to some central guiding principle, the individual essays are valuable contributions both to the corpus of Calderon studies and to the often frustrated desire to put performance first.
As Americans from sea to shining sea prepare to hoot and holler till the clones come in, I am experiencing a crisis of unconnectedness.
In contrast to the much-discussed liability of newness hypothesis (Stinchcombe, 1965; Hannan and Freeman, 1989), there appears to be a liability of unconnectedness (Baum and Oliver, 1992) at work in biotechnology, and other fields in which intellectual developments are expanding rapidly.
Lena Grove provides the "life story" against which Joe's "death story" is played, and the unconnectedness of Joe's life yields to the connectedness of Lena in giving birth.
Fighting a national drift toward unconnectedness, these artists dig their heels into the soil of established communities, either for extended stays or for good.
7) If the ultimate accolade is to confer the status of art object, based on its formal, visual qualities, it is also the ultimate act of decontextualization, of unconnectedness.
Camus' excellent method uses exaggeration and the balancing of closeness and strangeness to show the inherent unconnectedness between the act, the man, the others present, and the circumstances when viewed from the outside, when explained by exterior causal modes of explanation.
Paradoxically enough, however, while her unconnectedness is what allows her to be seized as the stuff out of which others' self-production is made, Evelina nonetheless needs to imagine an absence of connection (at least of connection to men) as the foundation of her own identity.
Within sections on coherent binary systems, network reliability, and maintenance models, they consider such topics as complex systems, unconnectedness in undirected graphs, algorithmic aspects of network reliability, system replacement based on cost limits, and inspection of systems.