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Assuming that the Church of England faculty system were to be retained for burials, of whatever age, in consecrated ground, what issues would need to be addressed when formulating a framework for the regulation of burial archaeology in unconsecrated ground?
Mary is at the centre of a complex set of relationships--she is in love with Travis, but loved by Harry, while Travis loves her best friend Cas--but this all counts for little when the Unconsecrated break in and Mary and her friends flee down a path which seems to lead them to a village from which Geraldine may have come.
Not much is disputed about the presence of historical or indexical value in a consecrated or even an unconsecrated image, as both equally serve as reference to the historical Buddha Shakyamuni or an event in his life.
In the distant future, a virus has turned most of the world's population into the Unconsecrated - zombies who will stop at nothing to consume human flesh.
Red Dog, Red Dog begins with the unconsecrated burial of a starved baby and ends with the preparation of another wrecked body for deposit
The finger was removed from the astronomer's body when it was exhumed from his unconsecrated grave and transferred to a mausoleum in a Florentine church in 1737.
The remorseful Albrecht then visits her unconsecrated grave.
With her child now buried in unconsecrated ground, the young woman leaves home and gets a job at a dairy farm, where she is reunited with Angel Clare.
He left his incongruous dummy (kukla) to the mercy of the henchmen who would take it out of the noose and conduct it to an unconsecrated cemetery.
After Communion had been taken, in one kind only, unconsecrated wine was handed out to wash down the Host and the entire Holy Loaf was divided and eaten.
The McCanns are also deeply religious, yet the Portuguese police want us to believe they have disposed of their daughter's body at sea or buried it in unconsecrated ground.