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The 56 poets here share a gift for the use of language and the inability to live unconsidered lives, whether demure, scandalous, pious or profane.
Hardy Eustace was sent off an unconsidered 14-1 chance as he made his seasonal bow in the two-mile race, formerly known as the Morgiana Hurdle.
Sent off an unconsidered 66-1 shot, Iris De Balme made light of the fact he was running from nearly two stone of the handicap as he breezed to a 14-length success.
No detail went unconsidered in the interior, not even the floor.
EFSA is especially seeking safety data unconsidered in original assessments; information on food uses; on colourings' purity; and production methods.
Greenhall shows, in a quietly persuasive manner, the importance of the Scottish presence in Newcastle, Durham and the region in this rather unconsidered period.
Like Kelley, Cady Noland was an inveterate snapper up of unconsidered trifles.
Still I mustn't complain too hard: ar+d is the only contest of its kind in the world, and it really does bring out previously unconsidered talent, some of which Hara, Thibault, Yamaguchi, Barclay & Crousse for instance - is really impressive.
By focusing on the highly conscious nature of these black texts, McBride asserts, scholars can uncover and appreciate previously unconsidered complexities in black literary production; moreover, by putting a high premium on the links between transatlantic Romanticism and abolitionism, the literary canon itself can be reconfigured and reappraised more richly and usefully.
taught himself graph theory before proving that an existing mathematical conjecture applies to a previously unconsidered class of graphs.
The Story Goes" deals with unconsidered realizations about her adoptive white mother.
According to Kristian Thulesen Dahl, the chairman of the finance committee in the Danish parliament, the party is concerned that the government may rush through unconsidered tax cuts that lack funding so as not to lose face.