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My humble advice to them is to continue with that spirit of zero tolerance for indiscipline, impunity and unconstitutionality.
The Office of the President and the Ombudsman have been at loggerheads after Morales refused to implement Medialdea's 90-day preventive suspension order because of its unconstitutionality.
Indeed, if only to avoid unconstitutionality, Congress should convene itself as a constituent assembly and initiate a proposed constitutional amendment that would consist simply in adding a second paragraph to Section 15 of Article X of the 1997 Constitution reading as follows:
Opposition parties Diko and Edek, which feverishly tried to avert the revocation of the Enosis Day decision, issued similar statements in which they demanded that Anastasiades refer the law to the Supreme Court on ground of unconstitutionality.
Geneina's appeal includes an argument about the claimed unconstitutionality of the law on regulatory bodies allowing the president to dismiss the heads of those bodies, who are hypothetically independent from the interference of the executive power.
Commenting on the argument that Article 178 of the Penal Code [the basis of Ahmed Naji's conviction] is unconstitutional, the court stated that it is the only competent authority to assess the validity of a plea of unconstitutionality, and it decides, at its absolute discretion, whether to suspend the claim in order to raise an unconstitutionality claim or not.
Bass is widely recognized for her pro bono work on behalf of two foster children that led to the elimination and holding of the unconstitutionality of the 20-year-old ban on gay adoption in the state of Florida.
Individual chapters are focused on analytical jurisprudence and its discontents, the contingent relation between invalidity and unconstitutionality, and a wide variety of other related subjects.
Judge of the Constitutional Chamber Kurmantai Abdiyev did not consider the suit of social activists into unconstitutionality of compulsory biometric registration and asked for recusal.
1) The new traffic law is being studied by the Cabinet, especially the unconstitutionality of the article banning some expatriates from driving unless their jobs state otherwise.
Don't fear the threats of unconstitutionality," he said.
We hold that Section 377 of the IPC does not suffer from unconstitutionality and the declaration made by the HC is legally unsustainable.