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An uncontestable implication of rational expectations theory and evidence is that there are no easy profits to be had in asset markets.
SGC is premised on two beliefs: (1) that the state (and its subjurisdictions) enjoys an absolute and uncontestable gun-monopoly; and (2) that handguns have no legitimate civilian purpose.
That is to say, people might simply assume the proposition to be true or otherwise uncontestable because no critical views are even apparent.
That they work over the course (so to speak) is an uncontestable fact.
Three uncontestable facts face every IT department.
Conversely, when the visual montage is joined with spoken words, the visual images are usually the more persuasive witness to the truth of the film's story, although the unmediated nature of speech seems uncontestable.
The ECC lawyer was beside himself with anxiety because he had to counter the Minister's affidavit, based on seemingly uncontestable argument drawn from a M.
In Love Uncontestable, former New Republic editor Andrew Sullivan considers "friendship, sex, and survival" among gay men in the late nineties.
In a departure from the emphasis on uncontestable knowledge, there is a debate between opposing factions on whether the Welsh bluestones were brought by glaciers or by people.
In any of these three forms of expression, it seems uncontestable that incoming presidents are speaking for a broader public.
In the majority of what he has to say about al-Kirmani, de Smet follows a course of meticulous scholarly detail that is accurate and uncontestable, but at a number of points his broader interpretation colors his perception and explanation, not without sound reasons but, nevertheless, in opposition to my own previous understanding of the matters at hand.
One uncontestable conclusion emerges both from the analysis and the available data: government production is often more costly.