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OVERTON, Pseudospectral components and the distance to uncontrollability, SIAM J.
Thus, from a strict attributional point of view, failure and uncontrollability are not synonymous: Failure is a subset of uncontrollability involving bad outcomes.
Regaining a sense of mastery over their symptoms can help to modify the sense of uncontrollability experienced by those with both PTSD and chronic pain as described in the Triple Vulnerability model of PTSD and chronic pain.
When old frameworks of thought fray, and believers' relationships to the past are disturbed, Christian hope enables church members to find new expression for "the uncontrollability of God" in the emerging social imaginary.
As Vielva and Iraurgi, (2002) point out, a response indicating external control, is different than a response indicating uncontrollability.
For example, EA correlates with measures of anxiety and depression, and increased feelings of panic and perceived uncontrollability in response to an induction of acute emotional distress (Feldner, Zvolensky, Eifert & Spira, 2003).
What appears to trouble Stowe so much about this group is its rootlessness and uncontrollability.
Stressful and traumatic experiences that lead to perceptions of life threat, uncontrollability, and helplessness are more likely to precipitate growth.
The magnitude and uncontrollability of sexual dangerousness purportedly endemic to the recidivist reassures that the recidivist embodies sexual harm itself, is its exclusive, endlessly absorbing repository.
They cautioned the Maoists about the uncontrollability of the protests.