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But the truth, according to a source quoted by People magazine, is that the singer felt extremely bad about his arrest and was seen crying uncontrollably after he put up a brave face in front of the media and cops.
She became confused and shocked and was trembling uncontrollably.
THE fiance of the 100th British serviceman to die in the Afghanistan conflict this year wept uncontrollably as she saw his coffin returned to the UK.
The Euro rallied almost uncontrollably since late-April against the U.
In front of me in the Kop was a man aged 35-40 and all the way through the service he was sobbing his heart out uncontrollably.
The aircraft, which was built in 1967 had just been fully restored, but when it reached 300ft it started banking uncontrollably to the right, lost height, hit the ground and cart-wheeled.
KARACHI, 18 March , 2009 (Frontier Star) -- Maritime Security Agency (MSA) recovered a drowned body from the sea when a car uncontrollably had moved into sea from the harbour berth on Tuesday night.
We can cry uncontrollably, We can look glum and sad, Just so long as our lips never touch.
And the M People singer, who suffers terrible nerves in the hours before the big dance, confessed: "My legs shake uncontrollably and I get an involuntary twitch.
Specifically, this 'zine is about shitting uncontrollably, sometimes in public or near public circumstances.
He may need to be taken out and soothed if he becomes so uncontrollably upset that he ceases to take in what's happening.
The mats, if unsecured, can slip forward and trap the accelerator pedal, causing the vehicle to accelerate uncontrollably, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Toyota noted.