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She became confused and shocked and was trembling uncontrollably.
If the opening edition of this drama caused a lump in the throat, you'll no doubt be weeping uncontrollably at its conclusion.
Just before the 3pm kick-off, a section of the densely packed crowd on the terraces at Burnden Park swayed uncontrollably, two crush barriers collapsed and spectators fell forward on top of those in front of them.
When the darts strike, a five-second 50,000-volt charge is released down the cable, causing the suspect's muscles to contract uncontrollably.
With an ending that is straight out of left field, When Love Calls, You Better Answer is sure to make readers laugh uncontrollably and reevaluate honesty.
Product X still has some side effects; these include making Esteban shrink, float in midair and dance uncontrollably to bad song lyrics.
Instead, he and his coworkers have set their sights on new treatments for melanoma, a skin cancer caused by melanocytes multiplying uncontrollably.
If the recoil system is low on fluid, the main gun could recoil uncontrollably the next time it's fired.
With the droll title "Borg Drawings: Resistance is Futile," Victoria Haven's first exhibition at Howard House, in 2000, consisted of drawings and wall sculptures in which simple shapes proliferated uncontrollably.
He spent most of that trial shaking uncontrollably and pulling at his hair.
As acetylcholinesterase activity is inhibited, nerves continue to fire uncontrollably.
While Two-Headed Anomaly often leaves the audience laughing uncontrollably, the play smartly tackles a serious concern in both Italian cultural life and politics.