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Market pressures, even when not formally codified in law, are uncontroversially recognized as "real" punishments that can fill the enforcement component of the accountability equation.
The substantive issue about personhood is whether the zygote and later stages of the embryo and fetus have the same rights as uncontroversially existing persons.
Despite all the ink spilled on Schiavo's unconscious body, the right-to-die movement has every reason to focus its energy on the rights of those who are still uncontroversially competent to decide for themselves.
I argue that the primary doctrines of employment discrimination law do not themselves draw a satisfactory distinction between sex-dependent restrictions on dress and grooming and actions that uncontroversially qualify as sex discrimination in other contexts.
The customer drives every single thing we do," Mays states, uncontroversially, when talking about the motive force behind what gets designed at Ford and its brands.
Nor can one uncontroversially appeal to preference satisfaction unless one already grants how one will correct preferences and compare rational versus impassioned preferences, as well as calculate the discount rate for preferences over time.
There have always been contributors to the bioethics literature whose views could uncontroversially be characterized as conservative.
is to turn his back on all but the vaguest kind of cultural generalizations, those which uncontroversially add up to nostalgia, mild bitterness, and wry affection.
Instead of the sentence reading, as one might expect or, perhaps, hope: 'Consequently, the Commission recognises that it is and has been wrong in not counting transfers from consumers as a detriment, and it is very sorry, and promises never to do this again', the Commission ignores the injunctions to promote competition and to focus on consumers, and picks up only on the modifier 'New Zealand' so as to justify its dismissal of foreign interests--thereby in effect undermining the sole uncontroversially honourable goal of a (transfer-neutral) public benefit test, which is to promote economic efficiency
His military mentor was the controversial, but uncontroversially effective British officer, Orde Wingate, who was noted for his extraordinary efficiency in killing Arabs at night in northern Palestine, and for sitting stark naked in the dining room after military operations, eating a raw onion and reading the Bible.
There is a natural sense in which nondominated alternatives are special: each of these is an alternative that is uncontroversially better than all the dominated alternatives in the feasible set.
To be sure, the Commerce Clause uncontroversially forbids states from discriminating against interstate commerce, and taxes imposed on firms that have no connection to the taxing state will often produce impermissible, discriminatory results.