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Mr Durkan said: "I remain unconvinced of the advantages of GM crops and I consider it prudent to prohibit their cultivation here for the foreseeable future.
Russia is totally unconvinced by evidence presented by the United States and its allies of an alleged chemical attack outside Damascus that the West says was perpetrated by the Syrian regime, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Monday.
Pain & Pleasure many unconvinced, r Trey looks h the release d fifth album, His UK tour nth and ow R&B el and Tour begins March 2 at Manchester Academy Tour begins January 26 at O2 Academy, Leeds at O2 eeds FOALS The indie band have come a long way since their formative days of playing in cramped Oxford student bars.
Papers by climate researchers convinced of human effects were cited approximately 64 percent more often than papers by the unconvinced.
Despite the widespread problems reported in the previous elections in the United Kingdom with paper ballots, officials there remain unconvinced about the use of electronic voting machines.
Still unconvinced by his gestures, she asks him to call off his impending wedding to prove his affections for her.
It is many years since I had my children but from what we read in the papers and see on the news these days, I am not unconvinced that we didn't get a better standard of healthcare in the 60s than some mums are getting now.
The outside world was unconvinced - along with most Afghans.
Royal Yachting Association officials remain unconvinced his demanding role with Sir Keith Mills' Team Origin will not hamper his medal chances.
David Moyes is chasing a central midfielder, but remains unconvinced that Koumas is the man he needs.
Her hem and haws and squeaks can't help but be endearing, but she appears so unconvinced by the majority of her lines that the trickier bits (like the blithe acknowledgment of her late-in-life sexuality) come off as implausible.
But the new evidence has left others unconvinced of the compound's structure and toxicity.