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Ok we won 3-1, but this was an unconvincing, laborious performance against moderate opposition.
Where Conceptualists like Smithson, Ruscha, and Graham--artists who worked with photography but were not photographers in the old sense appeared for a time to point the way beyond the impasse, the intermedia experiments their efforts begot ("the unconvincing hybrids that are so sadly characteristic of art since then") seemed to Wall a second cul-desac.
In Gypsy, notice how virtually all of the women put on an elaborate but unconvincing charade of heterosexuality.
Belichick's side after another unconvincing display from quarterback Tom Brady.
Meanwhile, France coach Bernard Laporte apologised to the fans after his team's unconvincing 33-12 victory over Italy.
Aikema's constant hunt for explicit, dialectical contrasts between virtue and vice in every detail of Bassano's pictures often seems somewhat forced; and particularly unconvincing is his reading in terms of moral turpitude of the entire cast of the lovely Parable of the Sower in the Thyssen Collection.
GRIMSBY scraped to their first win in four games in an unconvincing performance at Blundell Park.
Equally unconvincing from a choreographic standpoint was the duet Rudepoema, given a strong erotic flavor in this re-creation by Nicolas and the late Eleanor King.
All in all, Rich Products Corporation struck me as a fun place to work," Owen says of a frozen-foods company, but his claim is unconvincing.
In our opinion the reasons given by the Board of Directors in the company's preliminary proxy statement in support of the reincorporation fail to address at all the particular changes being proposed and are totally unconvincing.
But there are also the usual rom-com contrivances and unconvincing conclusions.
An unconvincing performance against a team with the second worst home league record.