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While she makes a few interesting points about The Men of Brewster Place, her treatment is very brief and generalized, and she ignores the uninspired, programmatic quality of Naylor's only inferior novel, in which Naylor responds unconvincingly to unfair criticism that her The Women of Brewster Place (a much better choice for inclusion in this study) attacked black males.
His models play their roles unconvincingly, so that the master gives them the freedom to resist their assigned narrative and religious functions.
Unconvincingly, Raza claimed "personal reasons" for the resignation and said it was not related to the financial problems.
Unconvincingly, he relocated the Belasco/Puccini story to Hawaii immediately before Pearl Harbor.
While many California vineyards pander to the public with extravagant roadside buildings which try unconvincingly to evoke an 'olde worlde', Dominus assumes a different posture.
Lark--the protagonist of The Beauty of Men--prepares himself for what the narrator of Nights in Aruba, Holleran's second novel, unconvincingly asserts that he must do: live his own life.
First, it unconvincingly proclaimed that capitalization, and not deduction, is the "norm.
The friendship with an old mountaineer, however, which ought to have been the spiritual center of the story, fades out unconvincingly.
He said: "The BBC had BBC3, a channel much maligned in its lifetime, mourned unconvincingly in its passing, rather like Tony Benn.
48 Petrov cross, Mignolet punches unconvincingly to Pratley, whose header is glanced in by Sordell.
30 Kempton, nap) Won maiden unconvincingly at Lingfield, but may fare better around this track.
We've had a go in the last 20 minutes but unconvincingly.