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Moreover, she might fear that the United States itself will act uncooperatively by failing to keep her cooperation confidential.
1) According to author Charles Fix, "Correctional employees constantly are exposed to an environment that is patently stressful, providing care, custody and control for a population that is held unwillingly, unhappily and often, uncooperatively.
Imagine if Wichita Lineman had made one more mistake at the 2009 Cheltenham Festival - above and beyond the umpteen he actually made - raced even more uncooperatively than he did, and his eventual surge fallen a neck short rather than a neck long enough.
Alternatively, Player A may reason that choosing the uncooperative strategy would avoid exposure to the game's lowest possible payoff--cooperating could result in a zero payoff if Player B cheats, whereas acting uncooperatively exposes Player A to a minimum payoff greater than zero, (0.