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The PEC score is a summation of individual scores (from 1-7) across five items: hostility, uncooperativeness, impulse control, tension, and excitement.
Burden would also be added to frontline staff with the possible occurrence of mistrust, withdrawal, and uncooperativeness, especially if the needs of patients and/or their families are not appropriately addressed.
Sometimes it was deemed necessary, especially in cases of outright uncooperativeness or genuine threats to our community.
It is a pity that the threat of failure in his exams has not helped him to grow out of a tediously lackadaisical uncooperativeness.
In addition to criticizing Tehran's uncooperativeness, the IAEA report contains intriguing information indicating that Iran is no longer necessarily on an upward enrichment path.
Clearly the consequences of one man's uncooperativeness can be made so grave and his malevolence and culpability so transparent as to stir even the most selfhating moral relativist from his dogmatic slumbers.
Responses are scaled from 0-6 with 0 representing unresponsiveness and 6 representing dangerous agitation and uncooperativeness.
This is based in part on an assumption that neutral responses constitute missing data, and that a choice of the scale mid-point results from ignorance, uncooperativeness, reading difficulty, or reluctance to answer rather than true neutrality regarding the item of interest.
A 'no comment' response conveys the impression of uncooperativeness and implies guilt (Onkvisit and Shaw, 1997).
Experts in both London and Washington also remarked on the uncooperativeness of the body, and the closed nature of the industry in general.
Both Theophil and Greta share a distrust of sympathy and the attendant assumption of a cultural continuity between orator and audience, and they draw attention to the limits of this assumption by varying degrees of uncooperativeness.
Victims' uncooperativeness has led to the practice of