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Good sense has been hijacked by uncoordinated green policies," Bisignani said.
Other matters being considered were the potential risks and opportunities presented by the uncoordinated and unregulated development of new categories of workers; educating health workers effectively to address increasing and rapidly changing health needs; and drafting legislation that both optimises the flexibility of existing health workers and protects citizens from incompetent practice.
And one thing that becomes startlingly apparent in a surprisingly short time is how awkward and uncoordinated American vehicles can be under even the most benign circumstances.
In her report released two weeks ago, civil-rights attorney Connie Rice criticized the city's fragmented, uncoordinated and ineffective gang-prevention efforts.
They try out Thor, a flaky, hard-drinking athlete, and Tim, a uncoordinated new boy in town, before finally taking on Rachel, a talented player whose assertiveness frightens the wits out of them.
According to the AAPA, uncoordinated and inconsistent security measures caused chaos at London's Heathrow Airport and other airports.
Lacking core beliefs laid out in writing usually results in disagreements that often cause uncoordinated actions.
The answers might form the basis of more intelligent regulatory regimes for buildings than the usual mish-mash of outdated and uncoordinated rules.
Some people may notice tremors, while others may experience an uncoordinated ann.
Current attempts to improve access were uncoordinated and too localised, needing to be organised at a national level, she told a meeting in London.
The report says most of Canada's mine-related R&D is uncoordinated and is carried out by mining companies in-house.
Announcing the launch of a brokerage that will specialize in the marketing and sale of ranch and recreational properties worldwide, C&W plans to utilize its relationships and global reach to dominate a market that it claims is currently being serviced by an uncoordinated network of local and regional brokerages.