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The studio offers clients a fun and easy way to uncork their inner artist.
Originally founded as Pasadena Paint & Sip Studio in 2012, Paint & Sip Studio LA is a BYOB art studio that offers patrons a fun and unique way to uncork their creativity through instructor-led social painting classes.
Julian, has joined forces with Paw Paw Brewing Company to host the first annual Uncork Paw Paw: Grapes and Grains Festival on Saturday, July 20 from 2 p.
This Safe Harbor agreement will uncork Mondavi's ability to improve wildlife habitat at its vineyard, benefiting the California red-legged frog, which was immortalized by Mark Twain, and two important endangered bird species," said Michael Bean, chair of the Environmental Defense Wildlife program and a leading authority on the Endangered Species Act.
Consisting of two T-48 transmit modules and two receiving modules, two evaluation boards, fiber optic cabling and product documentation, TeraConnect's TC-T-48SK-250 evaluation package shows OEMs how to uncork the throughput bottleneck while decreasing purchase and life-cycle costs.
I believe this insight will propel a new level of user-centered e-commerce, and uncork the mass-market acceptance of shopping online.
TV writer MARION McMULLEN uncorks the bubbly to toast the latest success of the city actor.
He banters with the hotel servants, he uncorks champagne, he orders lunch.
Most of this is familiar territory, but Kightlinger's view of decadent Hollywood mores is infinitely more cynical than most recent industry satires, such as ``Entourage,'' and she uncorks plenty of withering one-liners, most of which absolutely cannot be reproduced here.
Most remarkably, he uncorks a sensitive and insightful streak.
SUPER Scot David Coulthard uncorks the champagne yesterday after powering to victory in San Marino.
Is magic all around us when VH1 does a lousy reality show or when Hallmark uncorks a generic drama?