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Featuring upbeat music and a warm glow of delicate lights, Wishes Uncorked captures whimsical illustrated moments layered with paper for a charming handmade look in displayable bottles.
Uncorked will take place from 7pm to 10pm and entry costs BD15 for BMMI premier club members and BD18 for non-premier club members.
Tseng and Lu then uncorked back-to-back cold blooded triples to give Taiwan the lead for good.
MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE: Sue Thompson uncorked herself a problem when she undid the stopper on a sherry bottle she found on Redcar beach in April 1984.
Magpie's already difficult mission is complicated considerably when she finds an uncorked bottle bearing the seal of the Magruwen.
That unequal constitutional change uncorked a potentially irresistible force whose future impact remains as unpredictable as it is dangerous.
Nobody in the history of basketball ever had the kind of season that a legend named Wilt Chamberlain uncorked in 1961-62.
Steven Seagal uncorked his Lightning Bolt Energy Drink in August.
A bold topic, a bold adventure, and a bold approach makes Africa Uncorked hard to put down.
I had a young lad sitting next to me in the Cathedral the other day who uncorked a bottle during the sermon and took a little sip.
In a culminating gesture of relational aesthetics, several of the art objects were uncorked and tested by audience members, by that point too well lubricated to gripe over quality.