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Kicking off Coastal Uncorked 2015 is Chocolate Under the Moon, a dessert and moonshine mixology event scheduled for Friday, Sept.
Uncorked will take place from 7pm to 10pm and entry costs BD15 for BMMI premier club members and BD18 for non-premier club members.
In a culminating gesture of relational aesthetics, several of the art objects were uncorked and tested by audience members, by that point too well lubricated to gripe over quality.
10, and as I teed up my ball, I looked over at the 18th green, where Arnold and Jack were finishing their round, and then uncorked one of my best drives ever, with a slight draw, down the middle.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention uncorked such a howler-headlined "Gonorrhea Rates Decline With Higher Beer Tax"--that even The Washington Post was moved to question the conclusions.
DAVID COULTHARD gleefully uncorked the champagne yesterday as he celebrated his superb victory in the French Grand Prix.
TONIGHT: LAST OF THE SUMMER WINE has been a class act ever since it was first uncorked in 1973.
But the famed Beaujolais Nouveau, uncorked yearly in a mad celebration worldwide, will continue to be made from hand-picked grapes - a back-breaking labour of love that has characterised the yearly harvest for centuries.
We have all had great experiences on some excellent projects, critical paths that have run a mythic course, successfully being completed on time and on budget with Moet & Chandon uncorked at the "wrap" party.
Representatives from Coastal Uncorked Food and Wine Festival today announced that tickets to the inaugural festival are now on sale.
Sue Whitney (Whitney), founder and editor-in-chief of JUNKMARKET Style , renowned three time author , Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest editor, television personality, and sought after public speaker will be at the helm of Uncorked.
Phillips also uncorked his old-vines Windmill Estates zinfandel ($11), a bargain for zin lovers, and 2004 Incognito Rouge ($15.