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Information about the most prevalent visual conditions in these children has the potential to enhance clinical services and promote research to prevent or ameliorate severe, uncorrectable visual conditions.
Alice uses that Hamming code list to identify segments needing correction and attempts a 1-bit correction to segments where feasible, placing those segments into the corrected subpopulation, and when not feasible marks those segments as uncorrectable.
Environmentalists may seem opposed to capitalism, but--if they understood matters correctly--they would be far more opposed to socialism, with its gargantuan, uncorrectable, and state-controlled projects, than to the ethos of free enterprise.
Bin Laden added: "The greatest mistake one can make in this world and one which is uncorrectable is to die while not surrendering to Allah.
Likewise, FTC action is more likely if uncorrectable consumer damage is likely to occur.
While "[c]ircuit courts correct district courts, and the Supreme Court corrects the circuits," unfortunately "[t]his simple hierarchy collapses in this one corner of criminal law--acquittals--where the decisions of judges, even if 'egregiously erroneous' are often immune from review, and thus uncorrectable.
Let me try this: It is important to put a life in perspective immediately so that an uncorrectable mythology doesn't develop.
If, however, the dye layer becomes damaged or has degraded, causing uncorrectable errors to occur, the uncorrectable data cannot be recovered.
On Koizumi's visits to the shrine which honors 14 Class-A war criminals along with the war dead, Nonaka said, ''It's uncorrectable if Japan's diplomacy is influenced by the nature of just one Shinto shrine.
A post-flight inspection confirmed an uncorrectable utility hydraulic malfunction.
Similar uncorrectable deformities arise in triple syndactyly (Figure 6).
The committee likely will decide his fate when it meets again May 20, and its focus will be on the very definition of hardship as written in its rule book: ``The unforeseeable, unavoidable and uncorrectable act or event which causes the imposition of a severe and non-athletic burden on the student or his or her family.