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In an interview with the authors, Lu Zixu, an honest and uncorrupt Anhui provincial officer, concurs:
The Index considers not just how much aid donors give, but also quality factors such as whether the aid goes to countries that are particularly poor but uncorrupt.
Three years ago, the pressure of a looming international aid summit induced President Bush to launch the Millennium Challenge Account, an instrument for plowing generous aid into poor countries with uncorrupt institutions and good policies.
The fallen person was tainted or morally defective and therefore could not be relied upon to obtain uncorrupt moral knowledge independent of God, scripture, church, or clergy.
The democracy and freedom, unselective justice and uncorrupt judiciary and independent journalism are more than needed.
Denmark is a good place to export, it's an open and uncorrupt place.
Civil society needs to support the army in this because a disciplined and uncorrupt army is the ultimate guarantor of our democratic state.
Not only that, but civil society must also prove that it is itself transparent and uncorrupt in its operations to pose as a legitimate entity to hold state organizations and officials accountable.
If you look at the top 20, they are all small nations based on strong welfare principles, all with good and relatively uncorrupt governance," said Professor Kevin Clements, the director of the centre.
It is undoubtedly both a compliment and a huge burden to be seen in so many quarters as the only rational, capable and uncorrupt actor on the scene.
He who leads an uncorrupt life and does the thing that is right".
As for Gary, anyone who knows him knows he is the most uncorrupt person.