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The uses of silence examined here include the muted tones in Kierkegaard's fear and trembling, political silencing (such as cartographic silences in Brian Friels's translations and Becket's Cold War texts) silencing one's own voice (self-censorship, how to foster silence), fascination with the void (the image of the falling man), body language(the secret sensation of self and other, the Japanese tea ceremony as a form of contemplative ellipses), pure and uncorrupted pantomime (classical and medieval science), silenced women in Latin elegy, and speaking in "saintly silence.
But audiences seemed pleased and generally uncorrupted and generally undismayed by the colourless ooze which drips from these characters in the name of comedy, and I smiled rather than exploded with laughter.
Grubjesic underlined that by starting the negotiations on EU membership Serbia will send a message to all investors that it is a country which is about to establish the rule of law, independent and uncorrupted judiciary, stability and predictability, and a good business environment.
But Sarah Kerrigan, a member of the commission and the chairwoman of the forensic science department at Sam Houston State University, said "there aren't systematic issues we're aware of with property control," and that in some of the cases, there may be other drug evidence left that was uncorrupted by Salvador.
Wang himself is seen as uncorrupted, partly because he doesn't have any children, who often operate as family bribe-takers.
But in the Eighties, after a sweep by elite police, two uncorrupted magistrates, Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino, held mass trials convicting 342 mafiosi.
We will be maintaining our usual vigilant approach during this major global tournament and utilising our members' sophisticated detection and risk- assessment mechanisms to do our utmost to ensure the Games and betting markets are again uncorrupted.
It is the only Revealed Book whose text stands pure and uncorrupted today.
Developer Simmy Sekhon, who has now obtained an uncorrupted version of the CD, said it gave a misleading impression of the traffic impact of his plan.
Moreover, whether political or institutional, Khan also underlined the fact that "generally" corrupt officials win most elections because they have more underhanded "resources" than uncorrupted officials.
The growing number of corporate and employee-owned mobile devices poses a challenge for enterprises that want to let employees choose their own devices, while making sure sensitive data remains secure and business applications uncorrupted.
For some people, that first whiff of the uncorrupted outdoors might trigger a set of survival instincts.