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Officially the number is about 9 percent for men and 25 percent for women, but these figures do not account for people who have given up looking for work or have never sought help from the government in finding jobs and are therefore uncounted.
He's right that it leaves millions of workers uncounted, but he's wrong that it's a sham.
The county was unable to provide an estimate of the number of votes still uncounted at the end of the day Friday.
The current death toll is 67 and is likely to climb with uncounted bodies remaining in the rubble of the Nairobi mall.
Rios said that means there could be 138 uncounted homes, which could include hundreds of uncounted people.
Some residents said that the attack caused uncounted loss of life and property in the port, Allafrica reported.
During his layover, police say he committed a minimum of 11 felony crimes and uncounted misdemeanors, including shooting up a restaurant and setting it on fire, busting into a law firm's office where he relieved himself on an attorney's desk, sticking up a cabdriver and stealing his cab, sneaking through a number of hotel rooms looking for easily transported loot, robbing four guys in a bar, carjacking and more.
Uncounted millions are sitting in front of their computers, devouring the mass of information offered on the Internet.
Meanwhile, the election will be rerun in Glasgow's Langside ward after officials discovered a box of uncounted ballots.
CONTROVERSY continued to surround Sunday's census in the north yesterday amid numerous claims that many had been left uncounted - despite a day-long curfew imposed for the headcount.
However, the analysis notes that the wealth totals in the disclosure forms vastly underestimate the actual net worth of members because they are based on an accounting system that does not include homes and other non-income-generating property, which is likely to tally hundreds of millions of uncounted dollars.