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But here formal play is uncoupled from the naive utopianism of those times and becomes a knowing articulation of passages and themes that are then given to us in ruptured and discordant form.
After doing so, the hydraulic hose can be uncoupled from the clamp, reducing clutter and allowing the hydraulic power pack and controller to be used on another machine.
There you go then, from the horse's mouth: when it comes to family, it seems the uncoupled are still well and truly coupled.
The unmanned engineering train became uncoupled as it was towed on the Nor thern Line near Archway station in north London at 6.
Smoky Cinder is also trained by Sahadi and will run as an uncoupled entry.
Miller condescended to and so failed to comprehend the soft pleasures of the famously uncoupled Roland Barthes in his slim volume on the writer, so all the contributors in this volume fail to deal with the uncoupled, singular Warhol.
production plant, says even a minimum of 15% uncoupled diblock can adversely affect the tensile strength and elastic modulus of a neat polymer and negatively affect the degree of compatibilization of dissimilar materials.
Baffert will run Cameron Pass with Gary Stevens and Magical Dragon with David Flores as an uncoupled entry in the $75,000 6-furlong test for 2-year-olds.
We board a train of thought only to find its carriages disconnected, its promises of movement and deliverance uncoupled.
Unlike other processes, the Dexco method can achieve 100% conversion to triblock copolymer, eliminating uncoupled diblock that can adversely affect the tensile strength and elastic modulus of a neat polymer, as well as cause a negative effect on the degree of compatibilization of dissimilar materials.
Thus, the manufacturing and inventory of ArrayPlates(TM) is uncoupled from their eventual use.
Mr Gimbert, 41, sped the train away from the town as 44 of the bombs exploded, destroying the station and killing Mr Nightall, 22, who had uncoupled the wagon.