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Like the Reader's Digest series, these books provide us with an organic understanding of our bodies, but they do so by uncovering how our eating connects us to the rest of creation and by warning us of the vices of an industrial agriculture threatening our bodies and the environment.
Once fraud by "culpable" employees is presumed by the government, any cooperation by the company that does not result in uncovering that fraud and identifying those guilty parties becomes suspect.
They've been uncovering fragrance-related genes, the enzymes encoded by those genes, the in-cell reactions that these enzymes catalyze, and the fragrant performance of all this molecular biology--a vast aromatic harmony of alcohols, aldehydes, fatty acids, terpenoids, benzenoids, and other volatile, and therefore sniffable, chemicals.
LEICA GEOSYSTEMS UNCOVERS DINOSAUR FOOTPRINTS- Palaeontologists discovered a world sensation in Switzerland by uncovering the track imprints of many dinosaurs.
Although this book primarily targets private investigators and collection specialists involved in uncovering information relative to collection on a judgment or a debt, because of the similarities in the techniques used to uncover hidden assets, criminal investigators will find this book helpful as well.
Uncovering hidden agendas doesn't have to be painful for anyone involved.
And as head deputy, he has overseen the Welfare Fraud Division in the DA's Office, which has made unprecedented strides in uncovering abuses by social service recipients.
The discussion of Wright is similarly intriguing, uncovering the "infantile sadistic fantasies" that cause the white hero of Savage Holiday to kill a neighboring woman in a substitutive fantasy of matricide.
If you're worried about the "political correctness" of conservatives in academia, pick up a copy of the Guide to Uncovering the Right on Campus.
On uncovering fraud, 76% of the companies immediately dismissed the employee deemed responsible and 21% permitted the employee to resign.
For more important than uncovering, say, that military employees were pilfering millions of dollars worth of government equipment--as was revealed in 1990--is explaining how the system allowed it to happen in the first place.
But Mu Security's appliance is aimed at uncovering zero-day vulnerabilities -- the holes that generally aren't known to exist.