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He wants to uncover and discover the truth about our sexuality, and he is not satisfied with the ignorance and pabulum being passed on to his students nor intimidated by puritanical forces being marshaled against him.
Unlike traditional BI software that only depicts a top-level, point-to-point view of what's happening operationally, the Process Chain Analyzer intelligently traces the granularity of each transaction and uncovers the path in between the points.
Managing to escape his killer's grasp, however, Saunier uses the last few moments of his life to transform his own naked corpse into a body of evidence richly inscribed with clues and codes that will help the novel's protagonists uncover and defeat his enemies.
The company recently announced Intrusic V2, the second-generation CDS that uncovers and tracks unauthorized intruders on the internal network.
Zephon, the first compromise detection solution is a disruptive technology that uncovers and tracks unauthorized intruders on the internal network.
New products are the lifeblood of today's consumer product companies and New Product Launch: 10 Proven Strategies uncovers the launch strategies to help achieve success.
Enkata builds Customer Insight Analytics software that helps businesses uncover valuable insights about their customer interactions so they can improve the customer experience and increase profitability by driving down costs.
Using film clips from She's Gotta Have It (1986), School Daze (1988), Do The Right Thing (1989), Jungle Fever (1991), Malcolm X (1992), Crooklyn (1994), Clockers (1995), Four Little Girls (1997), and He Got Game (1998), Lindo discusses each film in-depth with Lee and uncovers his motivations for creating several of his critically-acclaimed films.
CyberGuard customers can also benefit from a protocol analysis service from the Company's Arca Systems subsidiary which uncovers vulnerabilities in eCommerce protocol design and implementation.
The publication's April issue uncovers still-available opportunities for the 1995 NASCAR Winston Cup and Busch Grand National season.
The cover portrait of Joelle is appealing, and this will appeal to YAs who like stories of young people trying to uncover family secrets.