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This will appeal to YAs who like stories of young people trying to uncover family secrets.
And if he uncovers an extraordinary amount of clinical truth about the varieties of human sexual behavior, he repeatedly displays an almost willful blindness regarding the relational, emotional, and moral meaning of human love, bonding, and attachment.
LEICA GEOSYSTEMS UNCOVERS DINOSAUR FOOTPRINTS - 150 Million years ago, herbivorous sauropod dinosaurs walked on a beach here next to the sea, which today is a rock platform located in the Swiss mountains.
Psychoanalysis and Black Novels uncovers and carefully dissects these "discourses of desire"--largely pre-oedipal and oedipal motifs in Emma Kelley's Megda, W.
In stripping away gas, the ultraviolet radiation not only uncovers newborns, it deprives them of the material they need to grow more massive.
SIFT uncovers critical information about what's happening in the business right now, enabling companies to gain a competitive edge.
And Karen Jo Torjesen's When Women Were Priests (HarperSanFrancisco) uncovers evidence of women's leadership in the early church and the scandal of their subordination in the rise of Christianity.
Intrusic, the first and only compromise detection solution (CDS) that uncovers and helps remove malicious intruders and unauthorized access on internal networks, today announced it has closed $8 million in A-2 funding led by North Bridge Venture Partners and including previous investors Draper, Fisher Jurvetson and DFJ New England.
Intrusic, the first and only Compromise Detection Solution that uncovers and helps remove malicious and unauthorized intruders on internal networks, today urged retail companies to thoroughly examine their network security infrastructure as cyber-criminals typically increase their efforts during busy periods of online activity.
Launch Strategies that Work: Schneider uncovers the 10 launch strategies that can make a positive difference in the success rate of new product launches, as well as strategies that should be avoided.
As under the prior criteria, if the review of the sample of loans uncovers any high-cost home loans, a review of every loan in the pool originated in that jurisdiction is expected in order to comply with the criteria.
FORTUNE also talks to current and former business associates about Strong, and uncovers a pattern of questionable personal and professional behavior.