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Briefly put, according to Sartre, if the creative principle is a generating but not sustaining cause, then creatures have to be very quickly self-existent, that is, uncreated.
The hesychasts introduced an intensive realism and a time of completeness in relation with the divine light and filled with God; this fulfillment was realized in their own practice of prayer and in their expectation that during prayer they participate in true uncreated light and are therefore transfigured by the light of the holy transfiguration.
The commonly accepted teaching among the Scholastics in the first part of the 20th century in relation to the theology of grace is that created grace was prior to and the condition for the possibility of uncreated grace.
Bulgakov's threefold focus (1) on an inner dignity of life in the household of God (a "sophic economy" based in divine wisdom theophanically infusing creation, as in the uncreated energies); (2) on the community of conciliarity in sobornost; and (3) on experiential ascetic labor--in this case, an incarnational asceticism for both the married and the monastic--marks an Orthodox, normative sense of social justice inseparable from traditional marriage.
In this compilation, readers learn that Orthodox theology describes God as the transcendent essence, but asserts that every particle (alive or inert) of the material world was created and is sustained by the divine energies of this transcendent, uncreated essence.
A few lines later, Rumi says: "She [woman] is the light of God, she is not your [earthly] beloved: she is creative, you might say she is uncreated.
The Greek Fathers of the subtitle could be either referring to: a) all Hierarchs roughly up to the Palaiologan era, with the pinnacle of theological thought being attributed by many to the Athonite Gregory Palamas (1296-1359, Archbishop of Thessalonica 1347-59), especially for his theology of the uncreated light corresponding to the Sixth Beatitude: "Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God," Matt.
Davies points out that Maimonides assumes that there are two possibilities: the world was either created or uncreated.
George Hunsinger delves into the relationship between created (physical) to uncreated (supernatural, transcendent) light in the thoughts of medieval and modern theologians, especially Aquinas and Barth.
This uncreated light was first seen by the apostles.
Her largest in this latest series will be 16 tiers for a bride called Santana, but she has more grand plans as yet uncreated.