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Saeedi [16] in a research with the title " studying the relation between teacher's creativity with students creativity in grades 4 & 5 of elementary schools in the 11th state of Tehran " showed that the students taught by a creative teacher were more creative in fluency, originality, flexibility and elaboration elements than those with an uncreative teacher.
Nickles discusses how Kuhn's view of normal science is too static and narrow, or else uncreative.
Without their talisman, the Bluebirds looked uncreative as they crashed to two penalties against Darren Ferguson's lowly Posh.
The editors highlight appropriation-based works to underscore a paradox described in both of their introductions: texts rooted in found and sourced material demonstrate that literature has finally overcome its taboo on the unoriginal, the uncreative, and the nonexpressive.
Last night senior political figures in Newcastle described the changes as the "culmination of a long process of withdrawal, retrenchment and subsequent loss in the region" and argued an organisation based on championing creativity had taken the most uncreative of money-saving options.
It's possible that literature, and particularly poetry of the kind championed by Goldsmith in Uncreative Writing, might now be taking up the avant-garde baton, finding ways to convey experience in ways adequate to our new technological circumstances.
Housework is uncreative, no matter what the mass media say about it in their relentless drive to sell a new cake mix or floor wax.
He has worked as a graphic designer, copywriter, branding consultant and design director and describes working in the design industry as "the most uncreative experience of my life.
He argues that politicians who are so-called homoclites are, like most of humanity, vaguely conformist, moderately ambitious, and too rigid and uncreative in crisis situations.
Contrary to the popular image of gamers as uncreative, there are thousands of MMORPG bloggers, writers and commentators out there.
UNCREATIVE WRITING offers a unique concept of creative writing techniques in the digital world, and is a fine addition to any college-level collection strong in creative writing and literary studies.
Why is creative sector so utterly uncreative when it comes to press releases?