uncritical acceptance

See: credulity
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Unlike Fichte who was interested in worshipping the Divine Idea, not the man, for Carlyle's belief in the hero involved uncritical acceptance, which began where reason was silenced.
The first years of the Biological Century will probably be an Easy Era, much as physics enjoyed a period of largely uncritical acceptance of wonder after wonder, until The Bomb.
However, recent Vatican decisions on this matter and local uncritical acceptance of the Vatican's one-dimensional understanding of the issue have made the church as a community an unwelcoming place for many who are not heterosexual.
He further argues that the archaeology conducted on this site was itself tainted by an uncritical acceptance of Hsuan-tsang's faulty identification, which it attempted to reinforce rather than question.
In the articles reprinted here, he forces us to transform our old view of Florence's confident superiority, based as it was on uncritical acceptance of the intelligentsia's own view of itself.
Not surprisingly, it tums out that Thomas is not much of a liberal democrat, a conclusion that seems somewhat embarrassing to Sigmund, who suggests that Thomas's views "were historically conditioned or the result of an uncritical acceptance of Aristotle" (p.
I don't see any threats to the church as long as these differences are confronted by church leaders who can make decisions, either by requiring uncritical acceptance of what the pope calls fundamental values or boldly stepping up to the plate and making spiritual and religious decisions that can stand up successfully to critical examination.
Our new education in the faith should not be a new uncritical acceptance of whatever the latest fad is, whether it is the Jesus Seminar or the new cosmology, or whatever.
She is dismayed by the largely uncritical acceptance by the media to the Bush war plans against Iraq.
For anther thing, uncritical acceptance of democracy has led to 'the will of the majority' being regarded as law and anyone who disagrees is expected to submit like a good democrat.
The book's editors state that "it was the largely uncritical acceptance of this COIN narrative that forms the background to this edited volume.
While the perspectives of the Karen refugees are given a comprehensive analysis and relatively uncritical acceptance, (1) contrasting opinions from UNHCR and non-governmental organizations are often rejected out of hand.