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Majestic Concorde and Bobs Pride represent Weld, the uncrowned king of the Galway festival, who first won the race with Kiichi in 1990 and followed up with General Idea (1993) before Ansar scored back-to-back victories in 2004 and 2005.
One of the main reasons to see this film is the seemingly impossible work of Simon Crane, HollywoodAAEs uncrowned king of stunts, who directed the second unit and coordinated the stunts.
The Rise of the West and Canada's New Power Elite'; Kenneth Whyte's 'The Uncrowned King: The Sensational Rise of William Randolph Hearst'; and Ted Rogers' 'Relentless: The True Story of the Man behind Rogers Communications'.
Kenneth Whyte reworks the record in The Uncrowned King, which focuses on Hearst's early career between 1895--when he purchased the small New York Journal--and 1898, when he had transformed the newspaper world into an agent of reform and wide readership and owned a media conglomerate that included rival Joseph Pulitzer's New York World.
With some effort, she persuaded Charles VII, the uncrowned heir to the French throne, that she should lead his troops in battle.
The Uncrowned King of Swing: Fletcher Henderson and Big Band Jazz by Jeffrey Magee Oxford University Press, January 2005 $30, ISBN 0-195-09022-5
In the end the Dunphy show was pulled leaving Pat Kenny the uncrowned king of Irish TV.
Martin, the uncrowned queen of her sport, usually goes in at 147.
PRINCESS ANNE is to become the uncrowned Queen of Scots.
Cable networks look like a prime investment to Leo Kirch, the 66 year-old uncrowned konig of German television.
Red Tape Poetry (Dallas, TX) -- Jonny Lives (New York, NY) -- Cruiserweight (Austin, TX) -- Averi (Boston, MA) -- Shadowbox (Minneapolis, MN) -- Uncrowned (Atlanta, GA) -- Tickertapeparade (Tempe, AZ) -- My Epiphany (Nashville, TN) -- Mayday (Seattle, WA)
He stated PTI chief is an uncrowned king of lies and should be awarded a PhD degree for that.