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There is much fruitful soil uncultivated here," he said; "and, I may add, without the sinful leaven of self- commendation, that, since my short sojourn in these heathenish abodes, much good seed has been scattered by the wayside.
said he in a deep voice,--a voice which, had it come from the throat of an uncultivated man, would have been gruff, but, by dint of careful training, was now sufficiently agreeable,--"I was not aware that Miss Hepzibah Pyncheon had commenced business under such favorable auspices.
And upon coming to the north, I expected to meet with a rough, hard-handed, and uncultivated population, living in the most Spartan- like simplicity, knowing nothing of the ease, luxury, pomp, and grandeur of southern slaveholders.
It was this promontory, uncultivated, wet, covered with bushes and occasional trees, which had caught the fancy of Alessio Baldovinetti nearly five hundred years before.
Within the court a great herd of thoats and zitidars moved restlessly about, cropping the moss-like ochre vegetation which overgrows practically the entire uncultivated area of Mars.
I did indeed admire this scene, when I compared it with an uncultivated one in the temperate zones.
Beside, there were wafted to me evidences of unexplored and uncultivated continents on the other side.
Investing in the youth in agriculture as a business is the way to go, he said, especially given that the average age of African farmers is currently 65 years in a continent which spends US $35 billion annually on food imports despite having 600 million hectares of uncultivated arable land.
In cases where there is an urgent necessity for the acquisition of land and it would be contrary to the public interest for acquisition to be delayed by following the normal procedures of compulsory acquisition under these Act, the commission may take possession of uncultivated or pasture or arable land upon expiration of the 15 days from the date of publication of the notice of intention to acquire and on the expiration of that time the commission shall notwithstanding that no award has been made take possession of that land,' Article 82 of the Land Law Amendment Act 2016 reads in part.
The project will be spread over an area of 55 hectares of uncultivated farmland received from the Government of Bali.
Carbon dioxide (CO2) emission measurements: In the present study, soda lime method, which was preferred by several researchers in the world for its easy and inexpensive nature (Keith and Wong, 2006), was used to determine CO2 emissions from uncultivated land at Harran plain (Grogan, 1998).
Q I HAVE just moved house and have a new, uncultivated plot that has thick clay soil.