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Later, in arguing for the importance of public reasoning in the establishment of human rights, Sen again suggests the strength of this model of action: "The fact that authoritarian orders are typically quite afraid of uncensored news media and of uncurbed public discussion, which make them resort often enough to suppression (including censorship, intimidation, incarceration, and even execution), provides some indirect evidence that the influence of public reasoning can indeed be quite large.
A lack of what Standish calls at the outset of the address "wood," by which he means woodland, as well as an increase in cost that would surely attend upon uncurbed "destruction and waste," put at risk the monarchy and the well-being of its subjects.
In April this year, Saudi Aramco CEO Khalid Al Falih warned that if Saudi demand growth continued uncurbed, consumption would grow from 3.
177) Although mandatory minimums and indeterminate sentences have been blamed as the source of evil in New York's drug and sentencing laws, the uncurbed power of the parole board may also be responsible.
A]n uncurbed spirit of revenge and retribution, masked in formal legal procedure for purposes of dealing with a fallen enemy commander, can do more lasting harm than all of the atrocities giving rise to that spirit.
Without someone to enforce the GSCOP, the supermarkets' "bully boy" tactics would go uncurbed, he said.
When economic growth is uncurbed and dollars are free-flowing do you want to find your company building products and delivering services or struggling to rebuild your critical staff?
Any pay rise is always devoured by uncurbed price hikes.
Throughout the Iliad, Homer simultaneously shows us a woman who is suffering terribly on account of her actions and demonstrates the consequences of uncurbed erotic passion.
Kargozaran, a newspaper linked to one of Ahmadinejad's rivals, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, seized on the the supreme leader's criticisms of the Cabinet's economic performance and his warnings that double-digit inflation, if left uncurbed, could undermine the entire government of the Islamic Republic.
The regulating potency of music is, however, like all things powerful, a double-edged sword that, without proper discipline, may lead to uncurbed excess and to chaos.
Indeed, in his final major work, Hayek could not have been clearer that the altruism essential to the success of small, intimate groups was not applicable to the extended order of the market: "If we were to apply the unmodified, uncurbed, rules of the microcosmos (i.