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Federer, seeking a sixth straight US title to match the 84-year-old record of Bill Tilden, was uncustomary out first under the midday sun at the Arthur Ashe Stadium court and he was uncustomarily sluggish and careless.
Realising too late that I NEVER stay on the phone with unsolicited callers, I found myself uncustomarily giving away all sorts of personal information.
Uncustomarily, the Minister of State for Education and Employment asked to be heard by the Committee.
When the subject of punishing the perpetrators is raised, he is uncustomarily emphatic: "No revenge
But more bad news at half term, when the place was uncustomarily packed and tearful children were turned away.
These were good people whose lives were needlessly thrown into turmoil," he says with an uncustomarily dark expression.
Taurus began the year in its customary position as America's best- selling car in January, but by an uncustomarily wide margin.