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Lawyers working for UK Uncut took HMRC to court over its decision to let Goldman Sachs off millions in interest on tax it owed after a court ruled an offshore avoidance scheme used by the bank to dodge employer national insurance contributions was illegal.
Sarah Greene, a UK Uncut activist, said: "The Government could easily bring in billions that could fund vital services by clamping down on tax-dodging, but are instead making cuts that are forcing women to choose between motherhood and work, and trapping them in abusive relationships.
UK Uncut has announced that it will launch formal legal proceedings against the UK's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) for allegedly writing off Goldman Sachs's (NYSE: GS) GBP20m in outstanding tax.
Art Uncut have also targeted wealthy Brits, companies, big name stores and even top cabinet members who go to great lengths to conceal their earnings offshore.
Dannie Wright, spokesman for UK Uncut, said: "While we rush to complete our tax forms, rich corporations and individuals are getting away with billions of pounds of tax every year.
Gillette UNCUT shows a side of artists that's rarely, if ever, seen - going backstage to show how they prepare, including styling and grooming, and the moments of doubt they experience before taking the stage.
Eugene Kogan, right, says his business has been ruined after cops seized pounds 300,000 he was going to use to buy uncut diamonds
99Excerpts from ``Dixie Dean Uncut - The Greatest Story Ever Told'' start tomorrow
As you are already aware the prime suspect of these terrible attacks has been named as Osama Bin Laden, as you have seen in pictures and news reports Osama bin Laden and his followers all wear turbans and have uncut beards.
If so, you'll be thrilled by the newly released Big Brother Uncut 2 (cert 18) which contains exclusive footage from the last series that's never been seen before.
THE kung fu classic gets the uncut treatment for the first time.
To coincide with Uncut magazine's 50th issue celebrations, the film and music title is launching a weekly cult movie extravaganza in association with the Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Square.