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20am on Saturday and a tracker device on the Ferrari was recovered undamaged in nearby Pontprennau and was last night now being forensically examined.
Mrs Denny, 49, said: "The boat is completely undamaged - you could not have put it there if you tried.
In many intertidal environments, empty, undamaged gastropod shells are in short supply and may be a limiting factor that directly influences the abundance and variety of hermit crab species in a given habitat (Vance 1972a, Kellogg 1976).
Tyrrell noted, adding that services are taking place in the parish hall, which is next to the cathedral but was undamaged.
Joseph Giacobbe's three dance studios remain mostly undamaged, like beacons of hope amidst the destruction of Katrina.
If an item is lost or stolen, Fireman's Fund said it can partner with private investigative firms and public law enforcement to recover the artwork undamaged.
on Tuesday - eight hours before his first major-league start against Milwaukee - that his home was undamaged.
During the data recovery process, the arraywhich needs to read out all blocks from the undamaged part of the hard disks.
The Loss of Value of an undamaged portion of the existing building which must be demolished and/or removed to conform with municipal ordinance, code, etc.
Another good fortune: Lawler's sight was undamaged.
The missile was propelled down a sled track at 300 metres/sec to a finite thickness reinforced concrete target, which the 227-kg Mk 82 warhead completely perforated with minimal damage and with the fuze intact and undamaged.
1 or 1 pmol of undamaged, duplex (26-mer) competitor DNA.