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AANN is an effective pattern recognition, where damaged state or undamaged state could also be treated as a pattern.
The contract is for the supply of brand new, undamaged sliding semi low loader with the parameters detailed in the Terms of Reference - Part III Description of the order.
those that made it back were also undamaged in the same areas.
The bomb, planted in a motorbike, targeted the van of Frontier Corps (FC), however the vehicle remained undamaged.
Experts say the bomber is remarkably undamaged despite the passage of time.
The nearby Bushehr nuclear plant remained undamaged.
CREWS cleaning up an oil spill on Montana's Yellowstone River faced difficult conditions as the scenic waterway rose above flood stage and sparked fears that surging currents could push crude into undamaged areas and back channels vital to the river's prized fishery.
The destruction was so severe that only seven properties were left undamaged by the bombing.
Reinsert any undamaged clips back into the tow bar pins.
They left shortly before 2pm and the premises were undamaged.
Compensation must also include the franchisee's cost of new unsold and undamaged vehicles, purchased from the manufacturer or "from another dealer of the same line make in the ordinary course of business," from the current and prior year if the vehicle has 500 or fewer miles and was acquired within 12 months of termination, and was in the franchise's inventory on the date of termination/nonrenewal.