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The AP story continues undauntedly to detail the marital woes of two of Romney's GOP rivals, Rudolph W.
I am very grateful to New African for undauntedly bringing an African perspective to bear on its articles and, by so doing, correcting centuries-old skewed opinions on Africa and Africans.
With my conviction that a bright future is open before us, I am determined undauntedly to keep the torch of reform burning.
Morality is at issue here as Gwendolyn becomes confused by her attraction to Deronda and his sensitive, moral integrity while Mirah becomes a model of ancient ideals as she undauntedly attempts to find her lost mother and brother.
Even in the face of hardship, she remained undauntedly gracious to those around her.
To follow such a procedure persistently and undauntedly is the standard way of disposing bad loans -- and it is also a shortcut to the solution.